TEMPSET - Thermostatic Tapware

The FLOMIX point of use TEMPSET Thermostatic Tapware range has been designed and manufactured in Europe to satisfy and meet ever changing global requirement, with large focus on the Australian market.

The point of use single handed progressive mixers elevates the risk of legionella growth. The operating mechanism used to blend is similar to our standard Flomix Thermostatic mixing valves provides safe and stable mixed water even at varying water conditions. This technology can be used in any commercial application where safety is paramount.


Hospitals, Health and Aged Care, Child Care, Accessible areas, Public facilities, Sporting & Leisure Centers, Education, Council Amenities Facilities, Prisons, Detention, commercial facilities.


This newly introduced technology is unique and is supplied as a complete basin, wall exposed and shower/bath controller with built in strainer, non-return valves and isolating valves for point of us servicing. The product is built with a flushing bypass, the bypass adapters will be an option available on request



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