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SMARTEC - Electronic Products

The SMARTEC range of electronic tapware and accessories has been designed with unique features that ensure reliability, stability and accuracy for any commercial application.

The Smartec range offer flexible power solutions that can be tailored to suit the specific needs of a commercial application. Timing and sensitivity is programmable post installation via remote control. Smartec enables the end user to conserve water and power usage, saving up to 65% over regular taps. The products in this range are supplied with a standard 6 Star WELS rating. Alternative ratings are available on request. Standard time delay is 3 seconds, alternative time delays can be requested.


Health & Aged Care, Disabled & Accessibility, Food Industry & Processing, Shopping Centres, Schools & Universities, Sports & Leisure Centres, Spas & Hotel Projects, Commercial Applications


The Smartec range is supplied with leading modern technology that is easy to use, install and extremely flexible to adjust even after installation.
The different tapware in the Smartec range is available as a 6 volts Mains powered product with a Battery back up. Alternatively, the products are available as only Mains powered or only Battery powered. This innovation is suited for new/retrofits installations and allows the product to be adjusted for use should the facility transform.
A separate 5 button remote can be purchased to use on all tapware in this range before and after installation. The remote is able to increase or decrease the sensitivity between 0-300mm and can minimise the reflection to a shorter range. The taps can be programmed to operate as hand motion controlled or timed on/off with adjustable timing. The remote can also be used to set an automatic hygiene flush at a set time which is especially important in the healthcare industry.
The Soap dispensers are supplied in mains power using liquid soap. The option of foam soap is available by request.

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