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Grate Seal® by Gentec

The Grate Seal® range is a durable, self fitting seal making it the perfect solution for any drain causing odour issues or requiring vermin prevention. 

Unlike other drainage solutions available to the market, Grate Seal® products are a flexible, single piece unit that can be easily installed and doesn’t require any cleaning or maintenance. This range can be quickly retrofitted into any existing drain without affecting the surrounding flooring.


Health & Aged Care, Disabled & Accessibility, Food Industry & Processing, Shopping Centers, Schools & Universities, Sport & Leisure Centers, Spas & Hotel Projects, Commercial Applications.


The products in the Grate Seal® range are made from a single piece of rubber (standard is Neoprene) which can be inserted into any new or existing drain. Since the seals are made from rubber, they use friction to sit in the drain, meaning no fixing kits are required and they can be removed as much as necessary without requiring the flooring to be removed or affected.

Grate Seal®’s are also a safer and more hygienic solution that other seals on the markets as it’s rubber composition includes a silver based bactericide which reduces the growth of bacteria, mould and biofilm. Its elasticity also means that it’ll close when the fire collar is activated and it’s narrow opening below prevents cockroaches and other vermin from escaping out of the drain.

50mm Grate Seal

Product Code : GS50

Grate Seal Bucket Trap

Product Code : GSBT
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