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FLOMIX - Thermostatic Valves

The Flomix Thermostatic Mixing Valve range have been designed and manufactured in Europe to satisfy the ever changing global requirements, with a large focus on the Australian market.

The valves provide safe and stable mixed water even at varying water conditions. This technology can be used in any commercial application where safety is paramount, Flomix delivery stable preset mixed to single and multi point fixture.


Hospitals, Health and Aged Care, Child Care, Accessible areas, Public facilities, Sporting & Leisure Centers, Education, Council Amenities Facilities, Prisons, Detention, commercial facilities.


The valve can be supplied in a wide range of configurations to satisfy any commercial installation. This unique technology is supplied as chrome plated bare valve, with a built in strainer, non-return valve and isolating ball valves. The Flomix will shut down in the event of cold or hot water failure and have been designed to provide water at an even, preset and safe temperature to prevent scalding. Flomix products deliver reliable performance and should be used wherever safe warm water is required.