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Strategies For Infection Control In Healthcare Organisations

If you are a Healthcare Facility or its Architect, how do you ensure that your healthcare workers wash their hands properly? You cannot. But you can diminish the risk of infection and/or unknown superbugs from contaminating healthcare facilities, with hygienic plumbing fixtures.

“Handwashing has been identified as the single-most important action in preventing the spread of hospital-acquired (and antibiotic-resistant) infections such as golden staph. The World Health Organisation estimates that these superbug infections contribute to 80,000 deaths each year. The issue is pressing – but despite their training and good intentions, hospital staff don’t always follow handwashing protocols.”

For years, researchers have been investigating how sinks, valves and other plumbing fixtures become superbug and infectious bacteria spreaders. Here are 3 solutions.

Risk PreventionMinimise disturbing bacteria and biofilm at and in the basin waste.

Taps discharging into or nearby wastes transfers bacteria and biofilm, undoing the whole benefit of a hand wash and causing hazardous situations around the bowl area. A rear offset waste ensures taps will not discharge into a waste, and that spray pattern from hand wash will not aerosol bacteria and biofilms from inside waste.


Rear offset waste to eliminate aerosol from taps and spray pattern from a hand wash Seal installed into waste to eliminate bacteria creep into the basins Anti Microbial technology in product for infection control Sloped surfaces to prevent bacteria growth in stagnant water

Risk PreventionBiofilm builds up in basins is a big issue for hygienic hand wash area

It’s simple- turning the water on in a basin can launch pipe-climbing superbugs. Biofilm at the basin is a huge issue especially in health care and smaller healthcare facilities such as surgery rooms, scrubbing areas and ICU areas.


Use a product that helps minimise the growth and assists with a function cleaning regime to assist with infection control Adding a device with antimicrobial additives and nanotechnology ions prevents bacteria growth and airborne mould.

Risk PreventionBacteria entering habitable spaces via Floor Drain Floor drains need to a hygienic grate seal.


Use a flexible, antimicrobial Grate Seal to prevent bacteria creeping from dirty traps into hygienic common spaces via floor drain wastes Neoprene rubber with antimicrobial additives and Nano-technology prevents bacteria growth and airborne mould. They prevent odour, are self-cleaning and prevents odours, vermin and smoke from exiting the drain.


Biofilm, bacteria and Superbugs are not easily ‘washed away.” GENTEC AUSTRALIA has the patented plumbing fixtures you need to keep superbugs contained at the basins for your healthcare facility. Our solutions are designed to prevent infectious diseases spreading from hospital staff to other staff and patients. Contact us now to learn more about Gentec products and services.


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