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Lead-Free Plumbing Solutions: Ensuring Safe and Sustainable Water Systems

Lead is a toxic metal that has been associated with severe health issues, especially for pregnant women, infants and children, and mental illness including phobia, depression, mania, and schizophrenia. Historically, lead was widely used in plumbing materials, leading to contamination of drinking water. To address this concern, regulations and guidelines have been established to promote lead-free plumbing practices and ensure infection control.

What is considered lead free?

Products classified as “lead-free” must adhere to strict standards set by regulatory bodies. In most countries, plumbing materials are considered lead-free if they contain less than a specified maximum lead content, typically 0.25% or lower.

What are the guidelines for lead in drinking water in Australia?

In Australia, the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines set by the National Health and Medical Research Council recommend a maximum lead concentration of 0.01 milligrams per litre (mg/L) in drinking water. This guideline aims to minimise the potential health risks associated with lead exposure through drinking water and maintain effective infection control measures.

Why Lead-Free Plumbing Matters:

Lead exposure, even at low levels, can have detrimental effects on human health, particularly on the development of the nervous system in children. Lead-free plumbing materials help prevent the leaching of lead into drinking water, reducing the risk of lead poisoning and ensuring a safer water supply. 

How Lead-Free Plumbing Benefits You:

Implementing lead-free plumbing practices offers several benefits, including improved health outcomes by minimising lead exposure, compliance with regulations and guidelines, and increased property value by using safe and up-to-date plumbing materials. Additionally, lead-free plumbing contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the release of lead into the water supply and waste streams.

What is Biofilm prevention?

Biofilm prevention in plumbing systems involves strategies to prevent the formation and growth of biofilms, which are communities of microorganisms like bacteria, fungi, and algae that adhere to surfaces and are embedded in a protective matrix. In plumbing, biofilm prevention or containment is crucial for several reasons:

Water quality and contamination: Biofilms can harbor harmful pathogens like Legionella, E. coli, and others, contaminating the water supply and posing health risks.

Corrosion: Certain types of biofilms can accelerate corrosion in pipes and plumbing fixtures, leading to leaks, blockages, and system failures.

Gentec is a leading manufacturer of plumbing offers a range of lead-free solutions, including GPURE, Sterisan, Grate Seal, and Flomix, designed to promote clean and safe water systems while preventing biofilm and Legionella growth. 

Lead Free Tap

GPure is Gentec’s eco-friendly line of stainless steel tapware products, designed to be lead-free, ensuring environmental safety. This range encompasses a variety of offerings, including pre-rinse units, timed flow taps, thermostatic mixers, lever-operated mixers, and electronic tapware solutions. Select products within the GPure range offer the option of temperature monitoring capabilities. Manufactured with a minimum composition of 304-grade stainless steel, and many products crafted from the superior 316-grade stainless steel, the GPure range guarantees a safe and entirely lead-free construction. This commitment to using lead-free stainless steel materials ensures that Gentec’s GPure tapware line is an environmentally responsible choice. Grate Seal ensures no ridges or braces to obstruct or catch  waste , Air tight seal to prevent any odour from escaping, No fixing required as the seal stays in place through friction,No water seal required,Flomix is a Thermostatic Mixing Valve that Hygiene flush capable, High performing / high flow rates – 54lpm at 500kpa, Easy, low cost maintenance requirements