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10 Ways You Can Create The Safest Commercial Bathroom Space

When it comes to commercial bathroom designs, safety should always be the top priority. From hand washing requirements to accessible facilities, many regulations and guidelines must be followed to keep people safe.
To make this process easier, Gentec offers a variety of products that can help you create the safest commercial bathroom environment possible.
Let’s look at ten ways to ensure safe and compliant restroom space when planning an entire commercial bathroom design.

Benefits of Creating a Safe Commercial Bathroom Space

Creating a clean commercial restroom is essential for any long-term business looking to succeed. It is not just because it provides comfort but also conveys an image of professionalism, increases customer satisfaction, and reduces health risks associated with germs and bacteria buildup on surfaces and most critically your waste in the basin and in the floor grate.

Investing in high-quality products such as touchless stainless steel faucets or automatic flush systems may seem expensive upfront. Still, when you consider all the benefits of creating a safe commercial bathroom space – it becomes clear why this investment should be considered mandatory for any successful business!

Improved Employee Wellbeing

Creating a clean and safe environment in the workplace is beneficial for both employers and employees. Clean bathrooms that are properly maintained can help reduce employee stress levels and improve overall productivity by providing employees with an area where they can feel comfortable taking care of their personal needs without worry.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Customers appreciate knowing that their facilities are properly maintained and up-to-date with all safety requirements. If you invest in ensuring your restroom is regularly cleaned, stocked with necessary supplies, and meets safety standards – customers will be more likely to return time after time! A clean and well-maintained bathroom will leave customers feeling comfortable and satisfied with their experience at your business.

Reduced Health Risks

A clean restroom can help reduce health risks associated with germs and bacteria buildup on surfaces like toilet seats and floors. Regular deep cleans will ensure that all dirt and debris are removed from hard-to-reach places like corners or crevices where bacteria accumulate over time.

Improved Brand Image

A well-maintained restroom is just one of the ways businesses can maintain an image of professionalism amongst their customers. Investing in high-quality products such as automatic flush systems or touchless faucets conveys an image of luxury that customers won’t forget – leaving them satisfied with their experience even after leaving your business’s premises!

Cost Savings

In addition to providing benefits to employees and customers alike, maintaining a safe commercial bathroom space also helps businesses save money in the long run by reducing repair costs due to wear and tear from frequent use or lack of maintenance over time. Regularly cleaning the bathroom (including replacing broken fixtures) ensures that all parts remain in working condition, so businesses don’t have to replace them prematurely due to poor upkeep – saving money down the line!

Things to Include in Your Commercial Bathroom Renovations

When it comes to commercial bathroom renovations, some things need to be considered differently than most residential bathrooms. Maintenance and repair costs, usability and longevity are all important factors in this job.

Even large commercial bathrooms that a contractor may not initially identify as needing renovations can benefit from an upgrade to reduce the repair or maintenance needed.
Reliable materials and products that hold up over time will make all the difference when incorporating items into the design. Unlike residential bathrooms, understanding how a commercial bathroom is traditionally built and used is critical for achieving a cost-effective, high-quality result.

Use Energy-Efficient/Green Star Bathroom Products

Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important as more businesses strive for sustainability initiatives. By using green star certified products, you can ensure that your commercial bathroom is up-to-date with the latest energy-efficient standards and that it will reduce your business’s environmental footprint.

Use Stainless Steel Products

Stainless steel is a heathier choice of material and is an incredibly durable material resistant to corrosion and rusting. It is ideal for commercial bathrooms where the fixtures will be exposed to moisture daily. Stainless steel fixtures are easy to clean and maintain and provide a long-lasting solution for any restroom space.

Use Stainless Steel Products

Gentec was the first to introduce lead free tapware to the plumbing industry, VSBA Victorian state board was the first to introduce lead free into all the schools program back in January 2019.

Provide Sustainable Technologies That Lower Emissions

In addition to being energy efficient, Gentec’s products utilise sustainable technologies that lower emissions to minimise their carbon footprint. It means that you will create a safer environment for your customers and contribute towards global sustainability efforts by reducing your business’s emissions output.

Water Temperature Control For Safe And Hygienic Hand Washing

It is important in any public restroom space to provide easy access to water sources with accurate temperature control so that customers can wash their hands safely and hygienically. With Gentec’s products, you can ensure that everyone has access to hot or cold water, depending on their needs, without worrying about scalding or freezing temperatures when they turn on the taps.

Fit-For-Purpose Compliant Solution

It is essential for all public restroom spaces – especially commercial ones – to meet certain legal regulations regarding accessibility and safety standards. With Gentec’s fit-for-purpose compliant solutions, you’ll know that all of your fixtures have been tested and approved according to local legislation, so they are 100% safe for anyone who enters your premises.

Install Non-Slip Mats

Non-slip mats are an important safety measure that should be installed in all commercial bathrooms. They provide extra traction on the floor so people don’t slip and fall while using the restroom. Make sure to use mats specifically designed for wet areas like bathrooms, as these will provide better grip and last longer than ordinary mats.

Implement Adequate Ventilation Systems

Proper ventilation is essential for any bathroom, especially in high-traffic areas such as public restrooms. Having adequate ventilation systems can reduce moisture buildup, which helps keep mould from growing and reduces odours that may occur due to stagnant air. In addition, proper ventilation will also keep airborne germs from lingering around, making it safer for everyone who enters the bathroom area.

Provide a ‘Hands-Free’ Hygienic Entrance

Installing hand-free door or L shape can help eliminate the spread of germs within a bathroom space, as there is no need to touch anything to enter or exit the restroom area. It also makes it easier for those with mobility issues or disabilities to access the restroom without additional assistance, as they won’t have to open the door manually.

Utilise LED Lighting with Motion Sensors

Switching out traditional lighting fixtures with LED lights reduces energy consumption and provides additional safety benefits. Adding motion sensors to your LED lights lets you control when they come on and off. It helps prevent accidents in dark areas of the room, such as hallways or stairwells leading up to the bathroom area.

Use Antibacterial and Anti Fungal Cleaning Products Where Appropriate

Using antibacterial and anti-fungal cleaning products where appropriate will help reduce the spread of germs within your facility’s bathroom space by killing off any bacteria or fungi lingering around on surfaces such as toilet seats, sinks, and floors after each use by customers or employees alike.

Final Thoughts

Whether building a new commercial bathroom or renovating an existing one, choosing the right products should always be at the top of your list to ensure safety and compliance standards are met. By using the products offered by Gentec, you can guarantee that your restroom space will meet all legal requirements without compromising on quality or durability. It makes them perfect for any public facility looking for reliable solutions designed specifically with safety in mind!

About Gentec

At Gentec, we understand the true meaning of green. That’s why we’re committed to using the latest technology to provide custom-made products and fit-for-purpose solutions to suit any specification alongside our standard range of products.

We’re looking at the bigger picture and offering high-performance products you can trust, not just for today but for the product’s entire life. With an eye to the future, Gentec is committed to continuously developing better, more efficient products. For eco-friendly stainless steel options – contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should Be in a Business Bathroom?

Professional and experienced tradespeople with ample experience designing bathrooms for commercial properties should be employed when building a business bathroom. Working with these tradespeople will ensure that all your needs are taken care of in a transparent and focused approach. For the best results, businesses should only use quality materials when constructing such spaces – this will guarantee a comfortable and efficient bathroom. With the help of a few dedicated bathroom designers and builders, you can rest assured that your business’s bathroom will be incredibly looking and enduringly practical.

How Can I Make My Commercial Bathroom Look Nice?

Using quality stainless steel products is a great way to add a modern feel, and with their long-lasting durability, you’ll be sure that they remain attractive fixtures in the years ahead. With options such as towel dispensers, hand wash stations and soap dispensers, there’s an array of possibilities to help make your commercial bathroom stand out and impress your customers.