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Yes, we deliver to anywhere in Australia. Since we are based in Sydney, the delivery time ranges from next day to up to 10 business days. International deliveries are also available through our agents
If you contact us at or +612 9319 4422, our staff will be able to advise you on our alternates and we can provide you with a proposal for multiple products or projects


This is due to the design of our Cold Start Cartridge, which reduces hot water usage and energy costs. The tap can only be turned on in the neutral position, which only draws Cold Water – hot water is only drawn when the lever handle is turned to the right


Our standard Flostop range includes flow cups that can be specified when purchased or changed after installation.
Use a spanner on the hex head of the top assembly directly under the push button, unscrew the top assembly and remove the cartridge. The white plastic flow cup sits on the bottom of the cartridge. Simply remove the cup and replace it with the new flow cup and screw the cartridge back into place. The tap will now run at the new desired time and shutoff.
This could be the result of a few different issues. Please contact Gentec Australia if the tap is still running after you’ve checked the three points listed below.
  1. Flush the line and make sure it is clear of any debris
  2. Make sure the strainer and flow restrictor that were provided with the product have been installed.
  3. Undo the top assembly and check that the washer hasn’t been damaged by any foreign matter. If the washer had been damaged, please purchase an O-ring kit - Part Number TFT9060

Anti Ligature

The AV0025 has a ¼ ceramic disk cartridge and the AVPB003 has a time flow cartridge


Yes, 3 and 4 hole boxes are a standard product that is kept in stock. We can also manufacture other configurations, such as boxes including hot and cold water by-passes, inbuilt GPO compartments for use with electronic taps and inbuilt pressure limiting valves
Yes, Gentec has the NSW Health Care Approval and can be used in any healthcare environment, such as Hospitals and Aged Care facilities


The thermostatic valve is located right under the handle on all three products in this range. Just remove the top cap to remove the cartridge and valve for servicing or use the key to adjust the temperature before replacing the handle


No, the electronic sensor can be connected to any outlet and a different spout can be requested when ordering the STS3000
Yes, a remote can be purchased that will allow you to adjust the sensitivity, timing and set a automatic dead flush
This is most likely caused by a reflective basin. Using the remote, pull back the sensitivity of the sensor till it only reacts to when its required


Yes, we provide 60mm extended spindles (ideal for Woolworths Panel Walls)
Yes, we have interchangeable nozzles that screw into the trigger spray head. The trigger spray comes supplied with a stainless steel chisel blade spray and the optional nozzle is a aerated soft spray (Part Number JETF0078) which needs to be ordered separately
Yes, the standard height of the bench mounted pre rinse unit is 1053mm (JETF1200). A 700mm riser is also available on request


Yes, the 150mm lever, 100mm lever and Capstan handles are all interchangeable. Different sized spouts are also interchangeable
Yes, as long as the request is made at the pricing stage and clear notes specify the changes on the purchase order
The top assemblies can be wall mounted or basin mounted meaning that the handles may be required to turn in opposite directions depending on where they’re installed. You may need to install the blue spindle on the hot side and red spindle on the cold side to achieve the action you require
There’s no need to request a particular indicator when ordering because all Gentec taps are delivered with three colour indicator options for each handle (Blue, Red and Yellow)
Yes, there are three standard cartridges supplied over the entire Cleanline range. They are a unique ¼ turn ceramic disk with a soft seat to prevent any damage to the ceramic disk. Non-rising jumper valve cartridges are also available on request.


This coating is a Polyamide 11 plastic coating that is anti-corrosive and is resistant to base chemicals, salt water saline environments, oils and grease, solvents and diluted mineral acids. The thickness of the coating is 300microns (10 times thicker than standard powder coating)


This range is a base Stainless Steel and Aluminium product with an antimicrobial coating. Independent testing has been carried out by SGS Laboratories with a result of 99% pass against any antimicrobial
Simply wipe clean with warm soapy water and dry off – any marks are very easily removed
Yes, they can be supplied in any standard colour. Standard stock is kept in white. Lead times will apply for different colours, depending on the quantities required